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What's this I hear about First Edition Unix being restored? I bought 2 250gb drives. I have a number of external HD's attached via USB cables to my computer, and once in a while (these days more frequently, it seems) I keep getting this stupid error fiona says: 8 years ago I'm trying the format in DOS now.

It's smooooooooooth.) 0 Replies Monger 1 Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2003 08:33 am What FAT32 problem, piffka? There are some other possibilities as to why chkdsk might run all the time, but I think your situation is due to the removable drive and the dirty bit. Ended up not using it at all. It's to the Western Digital knowledge base entry "How do I format an external USB or FireWire hard drive as FAT32 in Windows?" WD offers a small utility that can convert look at this web-site

It did take me all night to do it but it was well worth the wait. metan says: 7 years ago Just use a Linux Live CD and Gparted. But then windows acts crappy because it will freeze alot and be unresponsive and slow. This helped me to format an external 2.5" drive in an enclosure, which I plan to connect to my PS3 as a media drive.

  • You will notice almost immediately that your user information is saved to RAM except for trophies.
  • Link to download: Bryan says: 7 years ago Thanks for post 96!!!
  • Swissknive and fat32formatter didn't work.
  • jolted says: 8 years ago FINALLY FOUND WHAT WORKS!!!!!!!!
  • When run, this utility can only create a single FAT32 partition for the full capacity of the hard drive.
  • Wii + HBC + MplayerWii + External USB HD (loaded with media) = awsome!
  • The things we must go through as gamers to improve our PS3s beatrix says: 7 years ago Thanks Erick for the instructions for Vista!
  • So far, it's not to the point of the beast being unwilling to defrag. (Is that next?) I think, for me, I'll just take it to the shop, but I want

thank you to the fat32formatter (and the people behind it) and to those who shared the links and their experiences with it in this forum, i was able to get 931.51gb Erika says: 7 years ago before I used #18, my drive was F:, I only can see my HDD info from Disk Management, File System RAW, after I used 18#, I ChopperSD says: 7 years ago Great job, couldnt get the Sumvision Cyclone working as NTFS made the video jump. Ubuntu 9.10 & Netbook Remix & CD2USB, Slax6.1 My System your drive is a laptop 2.5" and must be quite old by now ..

This tied in with my Acronis observation mentioned in my question and the driver details visible under Device Manager->disk drives->(the disk in question)->Properties->Driver->Driver Details which showed snapman.sys as one of the To prevent future improper shutdowns get an Uninteruptable Power Supply and properly install it so your computer knows when to shutdown (properly) when your power goes out. G-damnit I was getting frustrated! Try stopping the device again later".

Its hard drive is a Maxtor 30Gb(I think), running in FAT32. The Tokiwa Fat32 exe was so easy and fast. john says: 8 years ago do u have any idea why i can't copy MKV files (about 4 G and up in size) on my FAT32 formated 1 T EXTERNAL HD Posting system specs 12-23-2007, 09:30 AM #20 Taizer Registered Member Join Date: Dec 2007 Posts: 16 OS: WinXP / Ubuntu Turns out my iPod was in a USB

WHY???? DOS don't work! I formatted my 1TB external LaCie HD with a Samsung drive using the Verbatim software in about a minute and it formatted the ENTIRE HD leaving me 966GB of usable FAT32 Subject: Re: stupid dumb "FAT32 disk checking"!

It's veeerrrryyy sloooow but will get there. Triple6 replied Nov 1, 2016 at 6:11 PM Double or Nothing? (Graphix... From: sublime1-ga on 29 Aug 2005 09:54 PDT dmrmv-ga... ryan says: 7 years ago every time i try the first example it asks me for a volume lable, what is that?

David says: 8 years ago 18. It is straightforward. I'm sure that the drive appears in Disk Management, but you still will be unable to access it. I tried on both, Windows XP and Windows 7.

By using a registry cleaner the errors can be eradicated and increases the speed of your computer in the process. siavash says: 8 years ago after near 2 hours format of a 1TB external HDD in DOS promt, computer promted awfuly: Volume is too high for FAT32 !! So your task is variegated: 1.

That kind of shutdown can, indeed, cause physical damage to the disk surface..." As you point out, this can cause file corruption but hard drives haven't been prone to physical damage

So do it before bed, and within 10 (ish) hours, you are done. Kortnie says: 7 years ago Thank you!!! I have a 1TB seagate external hard drive and is now fully formatted in FAT32. The BIOS should recognize the hardware, though; it's possible the USB port is bad.I don't understand why your laptop did not recognize the Compaq drive in the enclosure unless there is

Really helped me out a lot! Go to disk management. disco pepsi says: 7 years ago Post 43 works a treat. I think partition magic software will do it much easily.

Google with that model ID to find the related manufacturer. It unpacks then disapears Any ideas? Imagine! Is there something that I am missing??

thank you. What should I do to restore it to factory defualt settings? Was able to format my ext drive in FAT32. ~J ezekiel says: 7 years ago Hey, thanks you, works so smoothly, :). Never heard of 'elevated mode', before.) jup says: 7 years ago (Meh…scroll clicked Submit too soon.) If it hadn't been for Fat32Formatter, I don't know what I would have done in

Posting system specs 08-08-2007, 01:17 PM #8 Easy Tech Registered Member Join Date: Aug 2007 Location: Boston MA Posts: 10 OS: Windows Xp the most current version Now... Stephen says: 7 years ago The Dos seems to work fine for me on my 500GB (really 470GB) for Vista users, Search cmd, then right click on cmd.exe and pick Adminstarer I'm not old!!

The Compaq doesn't acknowledge the USB drive in any way, I have tried installing the drivers for the USB Drive, it still doesn't work. follow and its done =] done after afew hours… DOS is a much slower way but effective Stef says: 7 years ago I also tried the Dos method and after about I am trying to format a 1tb but it only did half of the drive. Once you do that, go ahead and use SwissKnife to perform the conversion to FAT32.

In that case, you can use some 3rd party programs that will allow you to format an external hard drive with the larger size. Every time I boot up my computer (A Compaq running on Windows XP), I've been getting this blue screen: "one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency." The file You could always look for a manufacturer's software but Fat32Formatter is the universal solution for Mac/PC/Linux users who want their [insert name & size here] Hard Drive to be in Fat32 Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the

This is speculation, but it does suggest another solution to the problem which might work, perhaps even for people who are not running Acronis, which is to do a system restore All rights reserved.Contact Us |Terms of Use |Trademarks |Privacy & Cookies View Question Q: stupid dumb "FAT32 disk checking"! ( Answered , 2Comments ) Question Subject: stupid dumb Michael B says: 7 years ago I used the fat32formatter as mentioned above - it formatted my 1 TB western digital elements drive from NTFS to FAT 32 in about 14 So I gave up with the 500GB external and tried with a 120GB Seagate external, but same story.