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Windows Socket Error 64


All rights reserved.Terms of Use|Privacy Policy|Trademarks|EULA|End of Life SocketCore.LastErrorCode From Xojo Documentation Jump to: navigation, search Property (As Integer) The property is read-only.IntegerValue = aSocketCore.LastErrorCode The last error code for Usually this occurs when a file descriptor refers to a file or socket that cannot support this operation, for example, trying to accept a connection on a datagram socket. WinSock functions: Additional functions: any function that takes a socket (or file handle) as an input parameter See also: WSAENOTSOCK WSAECONNABORTED (10053) Software caused connection abort. It may also make explicit mention of other functions that can fail with this error. have a peek here

This has no network-relevant analog (although the "inode" reference could refer to a network file system entry). User suggestions: Do you have the WinSock DLL that supports the version of the WinSock specification required by the application? If so, is there an older DLL in a directory in the path ahead of the directory containing the newer DLL? Star 17 Fork 15 gabrielfalcao/gist:4216897 Created Dec 5, 2012 Embed What would you like to do?

Socket Error 10054

For instance, even if you request to send() a few bytes of data on a newly created TCP connection, send() could fail with WSAEWOULDBLOCK (if, say, the network system has a WinSock functions: WSAEFAULT (10014) Bad address. These conditions are more likely to be indicated by the error WSAETIMEDOUT. 10065 - WSAEHOSTUNREACH - No route to host. So under this specific type of scenario I believe you will have to do something like open TCP 6129 in both directions, and then also set a source/destination rule to allow

Developer suggestions: WSAStartup() failed, and you didn't detect it, or it wasn't called for the current task at all, or you called WSACleanup() too many times. However, some WinSocks fail with WSAEINVAL you call connect() a second time (or subsequent) on a non-blocking socket. It could also occur if an application opens and closes sockets often, but doesn't properly close the sockets (so it leaves them open, as "orphans"). Socket Error 11004 Developers should consider handling the referenced errors similarly.

The explanation is simple and obvious: in order to connect to or send to a destination address, you need to provide the destination address. Socket Error Codes Linux Client applications usually need not call bind at all - connect will choose an unused port automatically. 10049 - WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL - Cannot assign requested address. WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. This would have to be done either on the remote machine itself, or on the remote machine's defined Gateway. (see attached diagram) Lastly, if nothing else above resolves your issues, you

No more file handles are available, so no more files can be opened. Windows Socket Error Windows 10 connect(), send(), recv(), et cetera). For example, the error can occur when an attempt is made to read from a file that is not open, to open an existing read-only file for writing, or to open The name you have used is not an official hostname or alias.

  1. This error will be returned if an incorrect protocol is explicitly requested in the socket call, or if an address of the wrong family is used for a socket, e.g.
  2. Basically, the MRC Connection logic is simply just a standard Winsock (Windows Sockets) design of: bind(), listen() & accept(), and on the Server (agent) when we accept() the inbound socket, the
  3. Has a slightly different meaning to WSAEAFNOSUPPORT, but is interchangeable in most cases, and all Windows Sockets functions that return one of these specify WSAEAFNOSUPPORT. 10047 - WSAEAFNOSUPPORT - Address family
  4. This error occurs if you specifically reference a protocol that isn't part of the address family you also reference.
  5. So you would have to make sure this VPN range of assigned addresses are also properly configured in the Windows Firewall on these remote machines as well (under the Scope settings

Socket Error Codes Linux

It also has a specific meaning for setsockopt(). WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. Socket Error 10054 This means another type of request to the name server will result in an answer. Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer Unfortunately, to find out what these errors mean you need to contact that WinSock provider.

Additionally, when using the MRC software over VPN connections to connect to these remote machines, you also need to keep in mind that the VPN may actually assign your local machine navigate here See other suggestions under WSAECONNABORTED. For example, the optional type SOCK_RAW might be selected in a socket call, and the implementation does not support SOCK_RAW sockets at all. 10045 - WSAEOPNOTSUPP - Operation not supported. The requested address is not valid in its context. Socket Error 10053

Because when dealing with VPN connections (or multiple subnets as well) it's possible that the data packets are being received by the remote machine, however, based upon the remote machine's TCP We suggest local configuration changes that might remedy the problem, and network and server conditions that might be the cause. The Mini Remote Control program will first attempt a straight TCP connection to the remote machine, using the Port that you specified for communication. Check This Out Although most of this appendix is for application developers, the User suggestions contain information that end-users and application support personnel might also find useful when an application fails.

Note the British spelling (with an 'S' instead of a 'Z'). Winsock Error 10054 Fix Berkeley description: An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. after the first failed with WSAEWOULDBLOCK).

Do a traceroute to try to determine where the failure occurs along the route between your host and the destination host.

See also: WSANO_DATA, WSANO_RECOVERY, WSATRY_AGAIN WSANOTINITIALISED (10093) Successful WSAStartup() not yet performed Berkeley description: No equivalent. The error can also occur in an attempt to rename a file or directory or to remove an existing directory. WSAEINVAL (10022) Invalid argument. Socket Error 10061 Connection Refused Columbus Stainless does not own and endorse any other content.

So, for example, you can expect this error if a WinSock implementation doesn't support socket type SOCK_RAW within the Internet address family (AF_INET). Note that the v1.1 WinSock specification does not explicitly state that this error occurs if the value you request is larger than the WSAData.iMaxUdpDg returned from WSAStartup(). WinSock function: gethostbyaddr(), gethostbyname(), WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr(), WSAAsyncGetHostByName(), WSAAsyncGetProtoByName(), WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber(), WSAAsyncGetServByName(), WSAAsyncGetServByPort() See also: WSANO_DATA, WSANO_RECOVERY, WSATRY_AGAIN WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED (10092) WINSOCK.DLL version out of range Berkeley description: No equivalent. this contact form string hst = url.substr(0, url.find('/', 0)); url.erase(0, url.find("/", 0)); // Connect to the host.

When it occurs, it could indicate a serious failure of your network system (i.e. Anytime you have a true "Client / Server" application using the TCP protocol, then the O/S actually uses a different port for the return connection when it accepts the socket. The requested name is valid and was found in the database, but it does not have the correct associated data being resolved for. WinSock description: Similar to Berkeley.

Unlike Berkeley, however, WinSock v1.1 doesn't ascribe this error to any functions. The connection was lost. You can attempt to avoid the error by calling WSAIsBlocking() before making any WinSock function calls. Returned by recv, WSARecv to indicate the remote party has initiated a graceful shutdown sequence. 11001 - WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND - Host not found.

Thirteen errors have "" next to the list of WinSock functions that can produce them. Developer suggestions: to make your application more portable: with datagram sockets don't use connect() and sendto() on the same datagram socket in an application, and always "disconnect" before calling connect() more